The Goddess Club – Inspiration

This page is a listing of people, places and things that inspired the research for The Goddess Club. As the serial progresses, more information will be added.

Magic Mike XXL (2015) – Jada Pinkett Smith’s place of business (if you’ve seen the movie then you know what I’m talking about) inspired The Goddess Club concept. Originally, The Goddess Club was called The Acropolis Club and it was going to be a nightclub that hosted male revues on Friday and Saturday nights. Until I saw this movie and got the idea for a name change and an exclusive members-only women’s club.

University Women’s Club, LondonI wanted The Goddess Club to be a classy, upscale establishment. In a random Google search I came across this club, liked the pictures, and decided to create something similar.



Special thanks to the following people who offered their expertise.

Nicole Campbell, Nicole Campbell Designs