Nemesis Group

Founded by a former teenage FBI informant, NEMESIS GROUP is an undercover agency that focuses on saving children from the horrors of slavery and sex trafficking. We have an international network of volunteers that have dedicated their time and skills to rescuing and caring for these children. In addition to the daunting task of find and saving these children, we also devote resources to infiltrating and shutting down the cartels that prey upon the helpless and exploit these children for their own gains. Once we rescue the children, we have an extensive program for restoring their lives and healing their wounds, both physical and emotional. Due to the sensitive and dangerous nature of our work, we have intensive training to make sure our staff is able to properly navigate all aspects of reclaiming the children and neutralizing their captors. We are guided by love and compassion, hope and healing, with the ultimate goal of liberating the children and eradicating the dangers that surround them.

Six male exotic dancers. One mission.

By day, they work as exotic dancers at The Goddess Club, an exclusive members-only women’s club.

By night, they make up Jump Team Arizona, a domestic team created to save kidnapped children taken from third world countries and passed through the state of Arizona.

Amid the screams of women clamoring for their naked bodies…

And the cries of the children they save…

Find out how these strong, alpha men are “rescued” by love.

Table of Contents

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