Nemesis Group – Inspiration

This page is a listing of people, places and things that inspired the research for Nemesis Group. As the serial progresses, more information will be added.

OUR_LOGO_VERTICAL_GRAY_ORANGEOperation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) – Founded by a former CIA/Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard, the Nemesis Group concept was inspired by and based off of this real life nonprofit organization that runs international missions to rescue kidnapped children from slavery. I encourage you to visit their site and support their mission by becoming an Abolitionist.

REMY – Arc 1

Keli Medcroft, Mixed Media Collage Artist Keli is a local artist who works with mannequin torsos. Her creations inspired the medium in which I wanted Remy to work in.

La Bare – Directed by Magic Mike’s Joe Manganiello, this is a documentary that takes a look at the history, lives and culture of the most popular male strip club in the world, La Bare Dallas.

Army Explosive Ordnance Division (EOD) Specialist – Shao is a former EOD Specialist and these are some of the articles I read to get an idea of what that entails.

Army EOD Job Description

EOD tech excels in stressful job

Shaolin Temple – Shao was named after this Chinese holy place and it made her into the adult she has become.

Chippendales – This tour came to my hometown in Feb 2014, where I saw them for the first time. Seeing this show was 33% responsible for the NG concept.

Thunder From Down Under – This tour came through my hometown in May 2015. I went because I’d never seen the show and wanted to see how they compared to Chippendales and to get ideas on how the show operates.




Special thanks to the following people who offered their expertise.


Keli Medcroft – mixed media collage artist

VP, Operations and Foreign Missions – Operation Underground Railroad