Booty “Shorts” – Inspiration

This page is a listing of people, places and things that inspired the stories in the Booty “Shorts” serials. As this section progresses, more information will be added.

Remy’s Storm – A flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds. The challenge was writing a superhero story and choosing from a list of subgenres. I chose Erotica. Additionally, I’m a huge fan of comic books. I don’t read them, just watched the cartoons and the see the movies they’re based off of. My favorite is X-MEN and my favorite characters are Storm and Gambit. After doing a little research, I discovered that during her stint as an X-Men, Storm had been captured by a crazy scientist who’d de-aged her back to her pre-teens and stripped her of her memories. With no memory of being an X-Men she went back to her thieving ways, where, during one particular caper, was saved by fellow mutant Gambit. In this story, Storm isn’t a preteen, obviously, but I wanted to play around with my own personal fantasy regarding these characters: “What if Storm and Gambit got together?” I’ve been her a few times for Halloween and think she’s bad-ass. And Gambit, he could read the phone book and still sound sexy with that accent of his. When they brought his character to life in the movie X-MEN ORIGINS:WOLVERINE, I was pretty stoked that it was Taylor Kitsch and I’m X-TREMELY (pun intended) disappointed that Channing Tatum is taking over the role in the new movie). So, the Gambit you read about in this story is Taylor’s version.

Heaven’s Treasure – A flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds. I had to write a story based on a random title from a list of words in two different columns. Additionally, this short was inspired from a daydream.