You have come to the serial fiction site of contemporary romance author, Evolet Yvaine. So, you’re probably thinking, “What’s serial fiction?”

Simply put:

“Serial fiction is the practice of publishing a portion of a work of fiction close to the time the fiction was written. Serial fiction has no designated middle or ending, only a beginning.” -Claudia Christian Hall

For me, this is true. To some extent. While it’s true that I have no idea what will happen in the middle, my serials will always have an HEA (Happily Ever After) or an HFN (Happy For Now) type of ending.

With that being said, here are some things to keep in mind while you’re visiting:

1) This site contains material that is intended for mature audiences of 18 and over.

2) The content on this site will fall under eight main categories:

Serials – Stories involving interconnecting characters

Song Serials – Stories inspired by song titles

Booty “Shorts” – Short stories

Wet Panty Drawer – Posts about the research and the inspiration behind the stories.

Wet Panty Society – A monthly homage to beautiful, gorgeous, hunkalicious men. During that month, a picture of the chosen inductee will be featured every week with trivia tidbits.

Wet Panty Process – Posts on writing process, serial fiction writing journey, newbie adult romance writer journey.

Giveaways (when applicable) – Contests, raffles and silent auctions. Raffle and silent auction proceeds will go towards charities of my choosing.

3) Serials will not be professionally edited, only self-edited. Feel free to point out typos.

4) Serials contain characters that are multicultural. If you’re not into the interracial thing, then BE GONE!

5) Serials are based in Phoenix, AZ (cuz that’s where I live), although there may be travel to other cities within the state of AZ.

6) Serials and other posts will be published on a weekly basis. However, life happens. If I miss a post or need to abandon a story for whatever reason, I’ll will let you know (unless I died. Then never mind).

7) Serials WILL NOT be compiled and published in eBook or print format, so please do not ask when that’s going to happen. I’m writing for fun, not making a career out of it.

8) More readers = more reasons to host contests, raffles and silent auctions. So if you like what you’re reading, subscribe and tell your reader friends.

9) Depending on my Writing Muse, I may jump around from series to series, or series to a Song Story, etc. You’ll be warned.

10) Serials will be posted on Mondays at 8am MST; Wet Panty Society will be posted on Tuesdays at 8am MST; Wet Panty Drawer will be posted on Thursdays at 8am MST, and Wet Panty Process will be posted on Wednesdays at 8am MST. However, life happens. If I miss a post or need to abandon a story for whatever reason, I’ll will let you know (unless I died. Then never mind).

11) You are free to make any kind of comment that you want on any page of this website that has a comment page, with the following caveat: comment threads are intended to be a safe environment for its readers to discuss the serials (or things relating to the serials). Uncivil or bigoted comments, and personal attacks on other readers will not be tolerated. I will be the judge of whether a comment is worthy of some kind of censure, and there are no rules but “I know it when I see it.” Be frank and critical, but also accepting and courteous.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: If a key word or storyline touching on a particular topic could ruin your day or induce panic attacks, you might want to steer clear of this site. Serials contain sexual content (but no BDSM, multiple partners, or same-sex), swearing and possibly some mild violence. Additionally, some serials will have an element of human trafficking or domestic abuse. Please use your own judgment to estimate your tolerances and decide if my serials are the sort of thing you’re comfortable reading.